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This is a PRESALE item that will be ready to ship in August. Limited quantities are expected, with each presale order you can secure your FDE Speedlock. No wholesale options will be available at this time.


The Speed Lock Retention System by Spetz Gear has clear advantages over similar options currently on the market.

This patent pending design allows for a secured closed retention (Level 2) hood, meeting many large professional agencies' holster requirements. 

The thumb release is perfectly sized and positioned for repeatable positive activation of the release while securing a firm grip all in one single motion. No additional grip adjustments need to be made prior to or after the drawing of the pistol.

The smooth action thumb release activates the spring loaded hood in a fraction of a second. This allows for the pistol to be immediately drawn as soon as the grip is secure. Much different from other designs which require the depressing of the lock release followed by a forward movement by the user to secure the grip.

The rearward unlocking motion saves valuable spacing between the retention system and the mounting platform. Because it doesn't require the thumb to push down and outward (toward the body), this retention is ideal for mounting on a chest rig/vest carrier system. 

The Speed Lock was designed with compatibility in mind, maintaining the same mounting pattern as the common BladeTech WRS so no holster or mold redesign is required to adapt this superior retention device

FDE SpeedLock Retention System


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